The “creepily sexy Toby” starred as Dr Nick Henderson in ‘Subterraneans’, a 2 part Waking the Dead episode in Season 5 of the popular BBC1 drama series which originally aired on October 2nd and 3rd 2005.

The plot focused around the discovery of the body of a millionaire businessman, having apparently committed suicide, a year after his initial disappearance. Evidence suggests he was imprisoned in a cellar immediately before his death, and it’s not long before a second body is discovered at the scene. The other corpse has been dead for far longer - and it seems both murders could be the work of an unlikely suspect. 

The team are convinced Dr Nick Henderson is behind the murders, however, before he can be arrested, he disappears without trace and his wife vanishes as well. The squad soon realise she could be the next victim, and embark on a race against time to find her. 

As far fetched as the plot seemed, it was nonetheless similar to a real case in France in which a man successfully posed as a prominent official in the World Health Organisation for many years. 

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